Realtime WWII. The most interesting use of Twitter so far

72 years ago today, Brussels, the capital of my adopted country, fell to the advancing German army. It was declared an open city to save it from the ravages of bombardment and the Government retreated to Ostend on the coast.

In the days prior to this, the neighbouring countries of Luxembourg, the Netherlands and  France had also been invaded. My home country of the UK went on full alert, recruiting volunteers for home defence and would soon be evacuating any remaining  troops from the beaches of Dunkirk. For the next 5 years war raged in Europe and longer in Asia. We all know how the story ends.

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How Accurate Is IP Based Geolocation?

I’ve just written a definition of Geoblocking for the Web Glossary and came across in the process. The part of the site that I found interesting is the home page. When you arrive there, they try to display your current location on a Google maps. They do this by determining your IP address and then looking up the location for that IP address.

I’ve always been impressed by the ability of Google Analytics to accurately pin-point my visitors right down to particular areas of a city. But how accurate is this information? Certainly in my own case it’s very accurate, usually attributing my visit to my district of town or the neighbouring one.

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APOPO Rats Detecting Landmines and Tuberculosis

OK, this isn’t very web design related but, Christmas is nearly upon us and if you’re looking for a charity to support this year I’d like to suggest APOPO.

APOPO is a Belgium based NGO that I first came across in Ossegem Park, near the Atomium in Brussels this Summer. They had laid out a very large field of giant poppy flowers made from pottery to promote their work in clearing landmines. Read More

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