Containerization as a Metaphor to APIs. Great Video

I’m always banging on about APIs. If you’re wondering what an API actually is and what it’s benefits are then this film reveals all in such a great way. 6 minutes of your time well spent I’d say.

This is a short film by MAYA Design created to put some perspective on one of the most powerful yet under appreciated design patterns for large scale resilient systems.

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How Accurate Is IP Based Geolocation?

I’ve just written a definition of Geoblocking for the Web Glossary and came across in the process. The part of the site that I found interesting is the home page. When you arrive there, they try to display your current location on a Google maps. They do this by determining your IP address and then looking up the location for that IP address.

I’ve always been impressed by the ability of Google Analytics to accurately pin-point my visitors right down to particular areas of a city. But how accurate is this information? Certainly in my own case it’s very accurate, usually attributing my visit to my district of town or the neighbouring one.

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