Creating Value Is Not So Difficult

Tech startups have often been accused of creating products that nobody wants or needs. It’s a consequence of product focussed teams in love with their technology and product. But we see less and less of that nowadays. Hopefully we’re entering a post-lean era, where the principals of customer discovery, validation and lean development are engrained in the DNA of every founder. Read More

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Bury Your Business Model Artefacts

In coding we have code smells. Indicators of bad code that hint at underlying problems in software. In writing we have “darlings” that should be killed. You know the kind of thing, multiple ideas crammed into an article that don’t really belong there. They are usually indicative of an article that should be split into a series or edited heavily. In other words, an article that’s trying to cover too many things at once.

Trying to do too much at once is very common in business model design and as your model evolves, you have to wield your editor’s knife carefully and precisely, surgically removing all hints of confusion. Read More

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Looking for Problems

As startup founders you’re always reminded that the road to success is to solve a real problem.

If a never ending stream of ideas aren’t the thing that keeps you awake at night, but you’d still like to have a crack at creating your own business then how do you go about finding a problem to solve? Read More

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Lean Startup : Let’s clear a few things up

I must have heard the phrase, “We’re a Lean Startup” at least 3 times in the past week. The founder is usually alluding to the fact that their set up and running costs are very low. That’s great. But that’s not what makes them Lean.

Lean Startup. It’s not about saving money and cutting corners. Let’s just clear that up and move on. Lean, means carrying no extra fat.

Sure, being able to quickly spin up a few Linode servers for a handful of dollars a month, is a smarter way to spend your money than purchasing hardware. It’s certainly an option that wasn’t available to startups a few years ago and YES that means that many of the barriers to getting started have been removed. But, again, it’s not the low cost or ease of access that is the point here. They are merely bonuses. Read More

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What can you expect from a Startup Weekend?

This year I became one of the co-organisers of Startup Weekend Brussels. It’s a great event and I love it.

There were a few mutterings about how such an event cannot hope to create viable companies. So I thought I’d respond to that . The article was published on Tech Brew podcast website where I am co-host.

The comments are particularly interesting.

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