Online Politeness – A Glimmer of Hope

There are lots of horrendous stories in the media each week at the moment of people suffering awful abuse on Twitter at the hands of trolls.

I’m a middle aged, middle class, white, educated guy. So the worst offences I tend to experience on Twitter is their advertising algorithm occasionally getting things a little bit wrong and showing me something I’m not interested in a few too many times. Read More

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Realtime WWII. The most interesting use of Twitter so far

72 years ago today, Brussels, the capital of my adopted country, fell to the advancing German army. It was declared an open city to save it from the ravages of bombardment and the Government retreated to Ostend on the coast.

In the days prior to this, the neighbouring countries of Luxembourg, the Netherlands and  France had also been invaded. My home country of the UK went on full alert, recruiting volunteers for home defence and would soon be evacuating any remaining  troops from the beaches of Dunkirk. For the next 5 years war raged in Europe and longer in Asia. We all know how the story ends.

“What does this have to do with Twitter?”, I hear you ask. Read More

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Do you really know who is reading your DMs?

I use direct messages (DMs) on Twitter for a variety of purposes and probably as much as I do regular, public tweets. Over the past month I’ve DMed about 25% of the people that I follow.

I know it’s not called Private Messaging, but I think most Twitter users have an expectation of privacy when they DM. There’s a lot of information flowing on that back channel and not all of it is for public consumption.

I am flirty, I am dirty, I am cheeky, I am helpful, I am supportive.

Others have told me about the kind of information they see flowing via DMs. Personal mobile phone numbers, email addresses, even passwords and credit card numbers. Read More

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