Dark Patterns on the Rise

I don’t know if it’s because the economic pressure that companies are under, if it’s because companies don’t get it that better user experience leads to customer loyalty or if it’s because users expect so little from the web that they tolerate so much. Whatever the reason, Dark Patterns still dominate most newspaper and a magazine websites.

This is a old ( 2010, ha! ) presentation by, Harry Brignull, but still incredibly relevant today.

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Google Host Javascript Libraries Free Of Charge

Performance remains top of the web app agenda with browser vendors continuing to slug it out with claims of shaving milliseconds off JavaScript performance in each new release. Meanwhile the developers of JavaScript libraries are also waging a performance war which we’ll all benefit from in the long run as web apps become more sophisticated.

But all of this is focussed on how quickly JavaScript runs in the browser and in the case of JavaScript libraries, how quickly they run, once they have been downloaded to the browser. And that’s the key point. There is still an easy performance gain to be had by eliminating the time and resources required to download these libraries from your server to the client’s browser. Read More

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Windows 98 Still Hanging In There 10 Year Laters

I was in the UK over the Christmas period visiting family and had my annual reminder of what technology is like in the real world. Just before Christmas there had been a lot of buzz in the web community about IE8 passing the ACID2 test and the forthcoming release of Firefox 3. It’s easy to get caught up in the latest advancements and forget about the reality of what’s actually happening on the ground.

On an intellectual level I know that I have to take into consideration dial up users and people that have outdated browsers when I design my clients’ web sites, but it feels like I never actually come across these people and therefore they don’t seem that real to me. I have news folks. They are real. They’re everywhere… Read More

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