How Accurate Is IP Based Geolocation?

I’ve just written a definition of Geoblocking for the Web Glossary and came across in the process. The part of the site that I found interesting is the home page. When you arrive there, they try to display your current location on a Google maps. They do this by determining your IP address and then looking up the location for that IP address.

I’ve always been impressed by the ability of Google Analytics to accurately pin-point my visitors right down to particular areas of a city. But how accurate is this information? Certainly in my own case it’s very accurate, usually attributing my visit to my district of town or the neighbouring one.

So how accurate is for you?

Check it out and leave a comment with your city/country and how accurate you feel they pin-pointed you.

I’ll start the ball rolling. Ixelles, Brussels, Belgium. About 1 mile out.


  1. Pretty close… Mountain View, CA – < 1 mile

    Now, I do have to say that I work for the company that provides Google with the data that is used for Google Analytics, so I’m pretty familiar with how accurate our data set can be, especially for areas such as Silicon Valley.

  2. @Chris – Hi, glad to know we’re in such good company today. I think for most site owners city level accuracy still blows their mind so keep up the good work.

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