Nice Design Touch. Made My Day

If you spend a lot of time on the web you start to recognise all the patterns and things become a bit samey. So it’s nice when something new strikes you and shows that the creators have put some thought into how to solve a problem or convey some information.

I had this experience the other day when looking over the Shop Talk Show website First of all they have gone to the bother to make one of the first things you see, the date of the next episode and the name of the guest. Nice thoughtful touch that stems from asking a simple question about why someone might be at the site and what they hope to achieve. Of course if probably helps with subscriptions and engagement in general.

But the thing that struck me most was the way they indicate what time the live show will be broadcast. Rather than just show the local broadcast time or even try to adjust the time shown based on detecting the reader’s location, they represent what time it will be in different time zones using an icon of a US State in that zone and the UK.

Simple, effective and smart. Smart enough to catch your eye and make you think ( not always a bad thing Mr Krug )

And here’s the whole damn shebang in context.