Quick, Cheap and Dirty Design Test

This is a very quick tip to check the design of your web site. It is a variation on the 5 second test and can be performed by anyone with a smartphone.

Graphic designers usually test their designs in monochrome to see if the essence of their design is left once you remove all colour and because monochrome print used to be much cheaper and certain items of stationery would sometimes be printed in monochrome.

Enter your smartphone. Finally a use for those photo filters. Hell you don’t even need to take a picture, just use the phone as a lense. Here’s what to do.

1. open up the camera app on your phone

2. fiddle around with the settings on your camera app and choose greyscale as the setting. Essentially this is how you would take a black and white photo.

3. hold the phone up to your website as if you were going to take a picture and view it in monochrome.

Look around for a short period with the phone set to greyscale. Does your website still make sense? Is there still enough contrast between the different areas of the site or is it just a busy mess.

Don’t forget to the change the filter back to normal for when you are out and about taking pics.