Social Media Is

When people ask me, “How did you meet so and so?”, increasingly the answer is now, “via Twitter”. I know a lot of the people that I follow and met many of them on Twitter first. I have a kind of a mental list of twitter folks with whom I’ve broken bread.

For me, social media has been social in the offline sense. Whether or not social media made us more or less social was big debate back in 2008 when Twitter was still in its infancy. Advocates defended it for its ability to be participative and accessible.

If you’re still cynical or just need an occasional reminder of its awesomeness just check out this amazing conversation that developed  around Hyperloop the other day between Elon Musk, John Gardi (?) and numerous others who felt able to chip in. Needless to say, there’s no TL;DR here. Take some time and enjoy.

conversation still exists


Yes, I do know IRC exists and these forms of communication existed before Twitter, but they didn’t really take off in quite the same way.